Helping the Hungry

Fred’s Pantry- Operates Saturday Mornings at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Fred’s Pantry is a choice pantry run out of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church by local volunteers and supported by the Westchester Food Bank and local businesses like Shop Rite and Panera, among others.

Anyone who has questions about the services provided by Fred’s or those interested in volunteering/donating can contact CHOP at (914) 736-2636.

Food donations should be delivered to Jan Peek House, 200 N. Water St., Peekskill. Staff is available there to receive food donations every day. In addition to Jan Peek House there are donation boxes set up at The Peekskill Coffee House, and at Domenic’s Cleaners, located on South St. in Peekskill.

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  • Brendon:

    An acquaintance of mine spoke very highly of your feed the hungry program after volunteering last Thanksgiving. I’m still waiting to find out if I work or not this Thanksgiving, but was curious how i get involved with helping out? Do i have to sign up or can i just show up to help? I love to cook, dont mind prep work or serving and hope to bring some goods for the pantry. Please let me know any details.

  • Nancy M.:

    We are interested in volunteering our services on Thanksgiving Day if your church is serving meals to the needy or lonely that day.
    If so, please email me.

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